How Aristophanes Satirizes the Peloponnesian War

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: How Aristophanes Satirizes the Peloponnesian War Satire is an artistic form which involves the use of literary devices such as irony, ridicule, humor, and other styles to expose human weaknesses. Authors employ this tool to bring out human frailties vividly. Though the primary aim of satire is not to bring out humor; humor captures the feelings and imaginations of the reader making them understand the subject matter more clearly. One example of an author who has efficiently used satire is Aristophanes. In his book, Lysistrata, he uses satire to advance themes and express ideas coherently. The primary theme of the book is war. Lysistrata, the central character in the book, is contemplating on how to end the Peloponnesian War. Aristophanes skillfully satirizes the Peloponnesian War throughout the play. The aim is to show the adverse effects and futility of the war. Most of the satire in the book revolves around women and sexuality. To understand the satire in the book better, it is essential to examine the environment and circumstances in which the book was authored. The setting was in ancient Greece when cities were competing for superiority. At the time, Sparta and Athens were perennial rivals. Cities ruled Greece. One thing that was rife during that age was male dominance. Men had all the economic and political power and the women were subjects. It was, therefore, a very uncommon thing to meet a woman standing up against men. The background check brings us to the first instance of satire in the book. When Lysistrata, a young Athenian wife summoned other women from the town to discuss how to end the

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