how are these articles the same? what do they have in common.

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Student Professor English Date Human BehaviorIntroduction The most conducive environment to conduct the essential characteristics of human behavior requires an enabling environment which places humanity under total submission. Consequently, the topic of human behavioral psychology has been harmonized through the distinct publications as follows: “Opinions and Social Pressure” by Solomon Asch, and “Disobedience as a Mental and Ethical Problem” by Erich Fromm. The other two publications are: “The Perils of Obedience,” by Stanely Milgram, and “ A Study of Inmates and Guards in an Inspired Prison” by Craig Haney, Curtis Banks, and Philip Zimbardo. The publications have harmonized the psychological group study of Human Behavior. Thesis statement: Several factors including environmental aspects cognitive perspectives philosophical ideas and others have an impact on human behavior. All facts and theories considered total institutions seem to provide the best environment for the scientific study of human behavior. To what point, therefore, does total institutions guarantee the best results for human behavior? When people are grouped, harmony becomes necessity whereby incorrect or deviant decisions always lead to negative or incorrect consequences of the group's existence. Total Institutions like prisons, schools, and forces among others can aid in the identification of the numerous factors and processes which instigate aggressive/abusive behavior within total institutions. Psychology also has its set standards that comprise the code of conduct within a group. Obedience, in this case, consists the basic structure of total institutions, and within the

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