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Student’s Name Instructor Date Hooking Up Hooking up is a recently adopted culture among younger generations that involve casual sexual engagements ranging from kissing to sexual intercourse. Hook-ups concentrate more on the physical pleasures than emotional and psychological and therefore there tend to be little to no emotional connection or long-term relations. On the other hand, traditional dating is a more formal set up than a hook up in which the partners know each other or want to get to know one another, and it tends to have hope for future correlation. There is a significant change in heterosexual associations over time such that unlike in the past where a majority of sexual relations occurred following courtship or dating, today’s sexual engagements are casual and random. This paper provides a review of the article Hooking Up by Bradshaw et al. as well as that of interviews conducted involving college students and their perception of hook ups. Bradshaw, Kahn, and Saville attempt to identify the different benefits, or risks, either gender experience following a hookup encounter. Bradshaw et al. acknowledge a shift in the heterosexual sexual encounters in which young people participate in non-committed sexual relations than how it traditionally used to be (661). Men tend to have more advantages from hookups since they tend to be random and do not necessarily involve planning and control costs associated with dating (Bradshaw et al. 663). Additionally, other benefits that men have from hookups are that they present less to no distress resulting from possible rejection anxieties usual with dating. On the other hand, women tended to prefer traditional

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