History of South Africa

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: History of South Africa Introduction South Africa is country located in the southernmost part of the tip if Africa continent. Her capital city is Pretoria, and the sitting president is Jacob Zuma. The country has distinct features such as varied ecosystems, inland safari destinations, beaches, and cliffs. It is a country with ethnic diversity just like many other African countries. The history of South Africa goes back to more than one hundred thousand years ago whereby there is a belief that the first humans happened to inhabit the area. In this paper, there is an in-depth discussion of the history of South Africa. There is a breakdown of the history into four main parts for easy follow-up. There is also an analysis of the popular tourist sites as well as the celebrities from South Africa. The History The history of South Africa is one that bespeaks of a long time divisiveness which has come to diminish with time. The history can be said to be like a journey through many obstacles towards molding of a single nation from incredible diversity. There is an appreciation of the fact that the dream of unity and a common goal in the country is now at an achievable ground despite the various challenges that have been there, (Jerardino, 543). Many people tend to associate the diversity in the history of South Africa with the modern people especially the apartheid era. This conception has skewness because; there has been division in South Africa from as early as during the existence of the Khoisan people who included the Khoikhoi and the Sans. The two groups lived in the southern tip of Africa before the arrival of the European seafarers

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