history and structure of the American court system

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Abstract The United States of America was colonized by Britain. During the colonization period, the British judicial system was being used in deciding on cases and punishments. In 1776, America gained independence and separated completely from their colonizers in 1783. As an independent country now, a new Constitution was created. The constitution stipulated on the judicial system though slightly. Most of the judicial structure was based on the colonizer's system, but the rules, procedures, and guidelines were changed to facilitate justice and fairness. The court system was categorized into federal courts and state courts. Over the years, many significant changes have been implemented in both court systems as discussed in parts of this paper The two judicial systems are structured differently though both use a hierarchical method. The federal court system is less complicated as compared to state court system which comprises of above 1,000 state courts of various types. Each of the two court systems is guided by different rules, and their jurisdiction in cases is different. The magistrates and judges are also chosen using different procedures. The U.S. Court System uses these two administrative systems for application and interpretation of the law. This paper discusses the history of the America Court System since independence was gained. It looks at the various changes undergone and additions made. Due to diverse issues such as population increment and growth of cases, the court system has changed significantly in how it works and the structure as well. Currently, the court system is divided into two administrative systems, with each system

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