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Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission The Renaissance and how it has influenced the state of Maryland The Renaissance was a period that prioritized religion, human life and security. It was an era that was associated with peace and prosperity. During this period people had the opportunity to be creative and do whatever they were passionate about. They, therefore, engaged in painting, music, the sculpting of theatre or other things. During this era, many discoveries were made which played a significant role in transitioning from the middle age to the modern era. The middle age was believed to be a time where there was little or no advancements. People during this period were living in ignorance, and the church was the only thing they believed in. Beliefs were centered on superstitions instead of philosophy. On the other hand, Renaissance was referred to as ‘rebirth,” and it is whereby the advancement in education, art, and other areas occurred. It was a time of revival from the stagnation and social decline that had been prevalent in the middle ages. The state of Maryland has a rich history, culture, and works of art that were shaped by various historical experiences. It has historic houses, buildings as well as gardens that attract many visitors locally and internationally. The state of Maryland has various museums that showcase the paintings and photography of artists which have lasted for many years.Renaissance has contributed a lot in today's society. It helped people focus on realistic and humanist perspectives. Renaissance has helped the state of Maryland appreciate and preserve the fine arts that

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