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History Student’s Name Institution Affiliation The Minoans and Myceneans were the two earliest civilizations that developed in Greek. The Myceneans were the first people to speak the Greek language which makes them the first Greeks and they lived on the mainland Greece. The Minoans, on the other hand, lived in the Greek islands and constructed a vast palace on the Crete island. The Myceneans were many than the Minoans, while the latter was approximately 30,000, the Minoans were about 10,000 (Whitley, 2001). The Minoans community began to weaken around 1450BC due to unclear causes which made the Myceneans take over the islands where they adopted most of the Minoans’ writing and culture. The Mycenean civilization followed the fall around 1250 also due to unclear causes. After the fall of the Myceneans, Greece entered into the dark age which was a period characterized by famine and decrease in population throughout the land. The Aegean Sea contains around two hundred islands which were occupied by the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greeks relied on the Aegean Sea for trade and provision of necessary commodities that they needed. With time, more need in the business and merchandise arose, and they began colonizing other islands to obtain products such as figs, grapes, and wine. They dominated the sea through the trade, but it was also by the sea that the empire fell. The Persians had a vast empire that covered the land from Egypt to India (Whitley, 2001). Due to Greece’s success and need to extend the empire more, the Persians decided to attack them with use of their vast army, but they were defeated through the Greek’s use of smart techniques like warships that

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