HIS 261: Research Paper # 12. Discuss the various roles performed by women in colonial times. How accurate is the conventional image of submissive felinity in a macho society?

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Role Performed by Women in the Colonial Period Name of Student HIS 261 Date Due Introduction Even though scholars from other academic disciplines never address certain trends as among the factors that contributed to the struggle against colonization, History, has always pointed out these critical areas. In the various parts of the world, colonization marked a period that saw several natives struggle against multiple forms of impunity. The role of female gender came out expressively as a crucial theme, one which scholars have continually attributed as one of the reasons why we enjoy the current freedom that we have now as the globe. In essence, the role of the female gender is one that can never get ignored. Analysis of the Role of Women 1Before the advent of colonialism, the 16th-century European women lived strategically in their traditionally designated areas within the society; the women served through their traditional roles which include weaving clothes, serving food, and the rearing and upbringing of children. When the white settlers arrived, they were amazed at how Native American women performed all the traditional and manual responsibilities just as per the standards back in Europe. The women extended their hands outside the house chores to till family farms, while their men were heavily indulged in the leisure of hunting activities, and fishing. So the colonialists took back these stories back home, and upon the arrival of the first colonial company, the Virginia Company, mining was declared as a nonprofitable venture, and the farming of tobacco was introduced. At first, the initial laborers were men, but soon, women were preferred, and this marks

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