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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Health practitioners have an obligation of ensuring that they maintain doctor-patient confidentiality. The law is under the Physician-Patient Privilege concept. It protects the communication that takes place between the physician and the patient. Lack of confidentiality of the health physician does not the only amount to an illegal act but also to unethical behavior. ANALYSIS OF THE CASE Issues in the case The hospital employee releasing the confidential information in the Facebook case has access to the databases of the organization. As a medical practitioner, he owes the woman a moral obligation and a legal duty to protect and guards her confidential information (Abram 1). According to his/her argument, the photo of the medical listings together with the comments he posted was just hypothetical and did not represent a specific person. However, those people who saw the post reacted to it indicating that the act is not ethical and should never reoccur. The scenario indicates that, regardless of the intentions of the employee, the woman ended up being defamed and shamed. The first issue, in this case, therefore, is the physician-patient privilege case in which the employee of the hospital has violated. The second issue relates to recruitment process conducted by the staffing agencies (Abram 1). The party at fault Staffing agency’s main role is to ensure that employees who are employed by the organization have both educational qualification and interpersonal skills. If an employee fails to deliver as expected, the staffing agency is to blame. Secondly, the hospital has an obligation of training their employees on

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