Hinduism Reflection Paper

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Hinduism Reflection Paper Student’s Name Institution Hinduism Reflection Paper According to Hinduism, the Atman refers to one's eternal and forever life. It does not focus on the superficialities or façades as it is more inclined towards one's actual self. Human beings have a way of ‘hiding' their true nature and as a result; it becomes difficult to familiarize oneself with the real persona (Govender, 2007). It is evident that in Chapter XI of the Upanishad excerpt which says, "Now, that which is the subtle essence−this whole world has that as its soul. That is the Real. That is the Self (Atman). That thou art (Tat vam asi), Svetaketu." The Atman is inclined towards religious innuendos as it delves into the relationship between man and God from the perspective of the self. There is the need to look into man's service to God and, according to the Atman; the self is responsible for being God's servant. The idea(s) of reincarnation is, therefore, realized as the individuals understand that one's service to God means they only thrive in temporary bodies but, permanent souls. Like in Buddhism, the Atman supports that human beings can die and resurrect in different bodies. Individuals affiliated with Hinduism understand that the Atman is more spiritual than materialistic. All material things will be left in the world hence; it is one’s spiritual being and soul that have more magnitude. In addition, the Atman also does not endorse a focus on worldly pleasures and advocates for asceticism (Govender, 2007). It is expected that individuals strive to achieve the spiritual goals before dwelling on other parts of their lives. Additionally, there is an understanding

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