Higher Education as a Troubled Giant

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Higher Education as a Troubled Giant Concepts of Education 1970-2000 The period 1970-2000 marks a significant transition in the American education. Notable about such time is the vast innovations contributed by the huge finances from the government, philanthropists, and foundations. As a successful enterprise, higher education at that point included a greater number of student enrollments alongside the presence of qualified instructors. It also included an increase in enrollment from minorities and women. According to Thelin (2011), despite that much success in the education system, major crisis defined the system. Problems characterizing the period included stained budgets, loss of confidence in the management of the institutions, and lack of preparedness to meet the financial strains. As a result, suggestions to refine the existing structure and the changing of the course of education promised a creation of order in the school system in addition to its quality. These suggestions and revolutions brought in the federal funding for students, the inclusion of students on the board of governors, and positive shift in administration. Thus, troubles within the higher education institutions gave rise to community colleges. These provided an alternative to education expanding in the courses available and provision of subsidiaries to students. Changing financial aid and Funding System According to Thelin (2011), financial systems within an education institution is responsible for its operation and management. Thus, if I were to change the system of funding and aid, I would consider the expenditure of the school and compare it to the available funds. I would source funds in the

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