Helping an Individual to Find the Right Life Insurance Policy – Data Report

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Comparative Study of Life Insurance Policies Project Data Report Prepared for Billy Ma Prepared by Student’s name Date Introduction Topic This paper researches on the different life insurance policies that are fit for Billy Ma as it will be useful in the provision of financial protection for his family factoring in many risks inherent. Purpose of the research project The purpose of this research study is to help to chose the better life insurance policy for the client. Following the increase of responsibilities and financial needs cumulatively, a need for protection of future finances is necessary. This research will evaluate different life insurance policies factoring in various criteria that best fits this situation. I have presented different options and evaluative criteria that will help you in understanding and making the right decision regarding the insurance policy. This paper, therefore, identifies the condition of Billy Ma's level of income, termination of Tracey's job and newborn baby. Life insurance policy will help in securing the financial security of the family. Minimum specifications Following our discussions, I have analyzed the situation in this case with requirements and managed to come up with minimum specifications that the [policy should meet as indicated below. • Should be affordable • Premiums to be paid from Billy’s salary • Proceeds should meet the family’s financial needs • The insuring company will meet the credits of reliability • Reasonable coverage as per Bill’s requirements • The policy will have a cash value at its maturity • The policy will guarantee the

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