Healthcare leadership

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Healthcare Leadership Name Institution Course Date Abstract Healthcare sector has complex activities, challenges, and objectives hence the need for transformational leadership. The primary responsibility of a leader in such setting is to motivate others to achieve set goals. The first study attempts to explore the effects of leadership strategies on the quality of care provided in hospitals. The study discovers that leaders must react to emerging institutional goals, challenges and technologies. More importantly, the leadership style is positively associated with institutional outcomes such as extra efforts, commitment, staff satisfaction, effectiveness, and teamwork success. The second study focuses on the prominence of strategic leadership in the management of healthcare. It discovered that strategic leaders play a significant part in satisfying patients’ needs and in making appropriate decisions. Furthermore, strategic leaders collaborate with others to introduce changes, which will offer a feasible future for the firm. They also create flexibility, vision, and divination in the process of management. Healthcare leadership Mah’d Alloubani, A., Almatari, M., & Almukhtar, M. M. (2014). Effects of Leadership Styles on Quality of Services in Healthcare. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 10(18). A study by Mah’d Alloubani, Almatari & Almukhtar, (2014) examines the impacts of leadership strategies on healthcare services’ quality. Leaders of hospitals must react to emerging institutional goals, emerging technology, and new obstacles. The main objective of the research is to investigate the type of leadership for hospital managers aiming

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