healthcare ethics

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Universal health care is a good thing since it helps the poor Canadians to get free treatment thereby enabling the country to save the lives of many who are endangered by several diseases. Since health is a basic need, most of the people in Canada have improved living standards. Some of the advantages of the universal health care include the free medication that helps the lives of the many poor people (Naylor and Girard 83). The health specialists also have improvement in their salary since they have increased in the number of patients to handle. The disadvantages of this system include the increased tax rate on the public to get the money for medication. And also low-quality standard medication due to a large number of patients.Some of the fears that are likely to be experienced in relation to the universal healthcare would include the running of the program by the government since it becomes very challenging for the government to run such bigger programs successfully. There is also fear that the taxation will be raised to purchase some of the medical facilities that are used in the healthcare. There are also some individuals who might take advantage of the opportunity and take the drugs for free and later sell on the streets. The stakeholders in the universal health care are the patients who highly benefit from the model since they get free treatment. The other stakeholders are the health professionals who earn from the medical insurance that is offered to the patients. They are also experiencing an increase in payment since the number of patients that they handle increase every day due to the universal health

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