Healthcare Around the World

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Healthcare around the World According to the "Sick around the World," there are some similarities in the “healthcare delivery system in the United States” and the countries that are portrayed in the clip. The United States has the health insurance coverage, the Affordable Care Act, just like the other countries except that the insurance coverage in the US does not cover for all the citizens. And also most of the healthcare delivery systems in the video depend on the taxes from the public just like the Affordable Care Act in the US. Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act is only meant for some specific group of people in the US. The difference between the healthcare delivery system is that the Affordable Care Act is not developed in the US since most people did not embrace it. In the UK, however, the level of healthcare is very advanced, and the government has taken full control over the healthcare delivery to all the citizens in the country. The quality of the healthcare provided is also high, and most importantly, the citizens don't pay the medical bills since the government caters for all of them (Palfreman Np). This is different from the US where people pay the bills by themselves hence making it difficult for the citizens to afford the medical bills especially those who have low income. On the same note, the UK hospitals compete to survive and to keep the patients healthy while the US hospitals compete to make a profit. In Japan, the healthcare delivery system is cheaper, and the patients have the privilege to make health consultation with the doctors of their own choice, and the consultation is done more

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