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Name Institution Course Date Healthcare Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) The Healthcare quality improvement act (HCQIA) of 1986 is the federal legislation meant to curb antitrust cases by physicians against the hospital. Due to rising incidences of physician incompetence, the medical fraternity raised the efforts to reduce the practice of ineptitude physicians via the execution of expert peer review for doctors benefiting from hospital membership and privileges (Benson, Benson, and Stein 1). Nevertheless, most of the physicians penalized through this process filed lawsuits against the hospital and individual peer review committee. Consequently, the Congress enacted the HCQIA aiming to curb the high rate of litigation. Additionally, the law was intended to assist in the protection of individuals and hospitals taking part in medical peer review committee from the possibility of legal responsibility after the withdrawal of privileges accorded to the doctor (Pozgar 13). The legislation formulated the criteria for the health-facility peer review committees. It also provided immunity for persons participating in the process of peer review. Furthermore, it established a system, which facilitated easier reporting of doctors with questionable competency, which is referred to as the National Practitioner Data Bank. The system would also be used to report sanctioned doctors. Therefore, the primary goal of the Act was to safeguard the patients from inept physicians by permitting doctors on peer review committee to deliver honest and open verdicts and subsequently eliminate all incompetent practitioners without any form of a vengeful lawsuit from a reprimanded

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