Health Care Informantics

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Health Care Informatics- Quality and Safety in Clinical Information Systems Name Institutional Affiliation Health Care Informatics- Quality and Safety in Clinical Information Systems Abstract Clinical information systems (CIS) with their application through electronic health records present pertinent information that drives the course of diagnosis and medication. Doctors rely on the records to complement the diagnosis and prescription processes towards improving the health and the outcomes of the patients. The analysis thus begins from the point of interpreting data and information which are the components of the DIKW pyramid with the inclusion of knowledge and wisdom as their respective derivatives. The operations in a health care system largely depend on the presentation of accurate data, not only on the patient but also on the condition and its existent management procedures. Thus, the backdrop of understanding data, information, knowledge, and wisdom create the foundation for the analysis of ‘standardize terminology,’ as applied in the healthcare settings. Application of the terms in a medical setting provides input for recommendation and conclusion. The application situation includes the need for ensuring positive medical outcomes in the patients. The positive outcome of interest in the report is the outcome of adherence to medical regimen, which is important for the recovery of the patient. Adherence to medical regimen focuses on prescription drugs that are subject to under-dosing or over-dosing with negative implications to the health of the patient. Introduction In healthcare operations, interaction occurs across different individuals, cultures,

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