(HCI) Data Governance and Hactivism, AFT or Cybersecurity in Healthcare

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CYBERSECURITY IN THE HEALTH INDUSTRY Name Institution Data Governance and Hacktivism Data governance is the process of collecting, securing and storage of crucial information within a computer system. Currently, many organizations have a data management framework that outlines the finer detail of this vital activity. Hacktivism refers to the use of malicious software for political purposes. Hacktivists groups such as Anonymous can hack IT systems to address political and social issues (Appari & Johnson, 2010). The legality of these practices is not universally agreed with various governments being subjected to data breaches that have exposed problems in governance. The health industry has not been spared with many healthcare providers being hacked by different groups who have used the data for various political ends (Tanenbaum, & Practicing Law Institute, 2015). However, the health industry has been accused of lagging behind other sectors in the securing of crucial data archives. For instance, the year 2015 was a testament to these security flaws with the loss of over 112 million records from health IT systems. While most of this data is stolen by criminals who sell it on the dark web, some of the data breaches are done by hacktivists (Govil & Govil, 2015). With losses amounting to over $5 billion dollars alone, the healthcare sector is exposed to both cybercriminals and hacktivists (Appari & Johnson, 2010). Miami Veterans Affairs Hospital Data Governance The Miami VA hospital has for a long time been accused of failing to implement a successful data plan, and this has resulted in various data breaches. In fact, the Veteran Affairs office has

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