Hawksbill Sea Turtle

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Hawksbill Sea Turtle Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The Hawksbill Sea Turtle is a marine turtle with a small head with an oval shell which is elongated towards its back having overlapping scutes and a small head. Its beak is like that of a hawk. It also has flippers having two claws. The species is generally brown in color and additional splashes of orange, red and even yellow colors on its carapace. A mature hawksbill turtle is averagely three feet in length and about three hundred pounds in weight. It has scale over its head and its carapace which makes it distinct. The hawksbill sea turtle feeds primarily on the sea sponges. It is also part and parcel of the coral reef population found in sea beaches. Its habitat is frequently the rocky areas, lagoons, coral reefs and even the shallow coastal regions. They are usually seen in as deep as 65 feet sea water. The female hawksbill usually nests in sea vegetation at the surface of the sea, especially at night hours. The species nest is between 140 to 200 eggs and their incubation period is averagely 60 days. Its sexual maturity age in Caribbean countries is estimated to be 20 years or even more. The decline in the population of the hawksbill turtle is due to the human over-exploitation for its tortoiseshell in an illegal trade. The decline is also attributed to the degradation of its nesting habitat due to the continuing coastal region development and armoring of the beach as well as disorientation by the lighting of the beachfront of its hatchlings. Predators, degradation of the habit forage as well as marine pollution among other factors have negatively impacted on the species leading to

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