Harlem Renaissance

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Student’s Name Instructor’s name Class Name Date Harlem RenaissanceHarlem refers to a cultural name that was offered to art or revolution that exploded after the world war. Ideally, Harlem was popular between the 1920s to the mid of 1930s (Gates and Higginbotham 7). Besides, Harlem was the locality that was located close to Manhattan. People came from the south to present their art such as poems without barriers. Harlem was a cultural place that offered the Africans the opportunity to demonstrate their art. As a result, Harlem Renaissance allowed the demonstration of the African culture which incorporated the culture that writers, photographers, and artists demonstrated their work subtly. Harlem Renaissance was initially termed as “Negro Movement” which heralded the summit of the existing African literature. Langston Hughes and Claude McKay are among the poets who performed during the Harlem Renaissance (Chasar 58). Most Afro-Caribbean poets got inspired with the movement despite being centered in New York to provide epic fragments of literature. It is during the time that most authors and poets emerged. Langston trailed literary work that facilitated the molding of the American literature and politics. Both Langston and McKay celebrated the African American culture and humor but condemned injustice and racism. Harlem Renaissance marked an important time for both America’s and the African American histories. Besides, the Harlem Renaissance designed entertainment into the current medium. In essence, the Harlem Renaissance allowed the African Americans to express their artistic styles such music and mainly blues and jazz, dance, and

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