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Authors Name: Instructors Name: Course: Date: Happiness Over time, defining the term happiness has been difficult with some people just viewing it as a positive frame of mind. Therefore, this essay’s discussion will be center on the thesis statement, “is happiness relative, i.e., does it have a different meaning for each person? To some people, happiness is having close relationships either romantic, friendship or family. Relationships help people to be less lonely which improves their moods and brain functioning. However, toxic relationships can attribute to unhappiness in people. In the story, ‘The Richer, The Poorer’ by Dorothy West, the character Bess finds a lot of happiness in her relationship with Harry who she couldn’t wait to get married to after high school. She is happy in her marriage and the fact that she did not get children to complete her family with Harry, made her unhappy (1). In this case, Bess valued relationships and denoted them as a form of happiness. In other cases, happiness is having money and owning luxurious things. It plays a critical role in life and influences one's happiness to some point. Happiness from money arises essentially from the freedom it gives one from worrying about basic needs, e.g., food, shelter, and clothing. According to the story by West, the character Lottie was not happy during childhood because of her parents “skimping and scraping” (1). She vowed to buy herself the best things in life such as clothes to be happy. This is also evident when she purchases a big house for herself later on after college, even though she does not need or use all the rooms. She used to save money, and the fact of

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