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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Hangovers Review of “Letter of Recommendation: Hangovers” The writer believes that hangovers should be celebrated, and provide an immediate and potent remedy should one desire the hangovers experience. While his opinions on hangovers might be rather radical, he demonstrates an acute grasp of what should be done and knowledge on the subject. Talking from the point of experience, the Kent Russell provided the reader with the experiences of a hangover after one too many, and how to leave the sulk off the door and enjoy the moments with the distressing situation. The importance of a hangover to a human life is probably questionable, but the mere fact that the writer enjoyed the experiences might be a sufficient reason for the reader to try out the experience. The’ Letter of Recommendation’ to the readers to move from their comfort zones and celebrate the hangover is hardly comforting, let alone persuasive. As he mentions the physical and metaphysical side effects, one can hardly consider the recommendations gravely. The dusty thudding on the head, a mouth tasting like a desert sin and others that he considers of greater importance to the metaphysical effects. It is the metaphysical effects that he feels should be celebrated. He feels that it is the metaphysical insights that have been pierced by the physical bases that provide the moments of reflection. A hangover does not preoccupy one with a stress of the future, as it is already a nauseating experience. According to the writer, a hangover is so fulfilling that it does not leave room for other stress thoughts. Hangover provides a state where all

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