Hamlet’s Character

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Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Course Date The Change in Hamlet ‘The tragedy of Hamlet’ is probably the saddest play written by Shakespeare. The book presents a series of events that are motivated by vengeance. These events lead to the death of both evil characters and their avengers. The play demonstrates how one malicious act can cause disastrous effects to an entire community. Not only is the entire royal family wiped out, but the whole country has its leadership transferred to another country. In a story that is marked by such drastic change of events, no other character is affected as much as Hamlet. In the course of the play, Hamlet transforms from a sane, happy scholar into an irrational avenger market with insane characteristics. At the beginning of the play, Hamlet is just a normal man for his age. Before his father’s death, he has been schooling in Germany. This can be established as the norm for noble men in Denmark. His friends and peers Rosencrantz and Guildenstern study also in Germany. Like any young man of his age, he is also in love with a girl within the courts. Although this is not evident at the beginning, Act Two makes it clear when Laertes makes an impassioned monologue. The intention of the monologue is to warn his sister Ophelia about any effective relations with the prince. Laertes, who is also close to the royal family and is Hamlet’s age mate, has been living in France. Hamlet also displays the same characteristics as his other age mate Horatio. Horatio is an exemplary scholar who is thoughtful and does not believe in ghosts. In their first meeting, Hamlet addresses Horatio saying “I pray thee, do not mock me,

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