Habbits and Friendship according to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.

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Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Habits and Friendship according to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics The Framework of Virtue by Aristotle Aristotle argues that virtue is not a just capacity nor a feeling, but an established temperament to respond to the desires in a manner beneficial to the agent working properly as a human being. Actions with virtue need to be pleasurable in themselves, since if people trust in behaving in a given manner, they need to adore acting that way. Consequently, it is most useful for people to establish a dislike and a like for the right and moral things and such outlooks will be inbuilt through practice. The moral or good is not present in declining disposition, but in pursuing an appropriately cultivated disposition (Badiou 287). According to Aristotle, it is not of critical significance that people pursue their roles, but, instead, how they live. Besides, Aristotle mentions that “the virtue ethics has the benefit over a consequentialist model that it provides an explanation for what it would be like to be an agent pursuing the concept” (Badiou 287). A virtue ethic is concentrated on advancing the morality of the agent’s personality as opposed to that of their particular behaviors. It views deeds as rich signs of the individual people are opting to become; that people as creatures of depth, develop themselves. Virtuous practices have more stability than all other deeds as it is in the activities that those who are truly joyful most completely and frequently spend their lives. Showing the virtuous way is a form of involving in an activity, a morally educated demeanor that interconnects with persons’ behaviors to

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