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Current Pandemic Influenza Readiness within the US Center for Disease Control Name Institution Abstract This research explores the status of the pandemic preparedness against influenza virus by the CDC the PHEP awardees. The 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic shows that the dynamics of the virus remain unpredictable. The PIRA survey provides data for 30 such awardees across the United States to determine their capability to completely vaccinate 80 percent of the population within their jurisdiction. The answers from these surveys would be analyzed descriptively. Most of the PHEH awardees cannot achieve the vaccination quota required over the proposed period. Staffing issues and a disparate CDC program that runs parallel to existing structures of distribution are likely to hinder the intended vaccination initiative in a probable pandemic. An integrated and coordinated approach to dealing with the influenza virus dynamics is necessary. The prevention of pandemic-scale infection with an H1N1 or other Influenza A viruses has to occur in a multi-faceted fashion that works at both primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Keywords: PHEP awardees, pandemic, influenza, influenza A virus Introduction Influenza pandemics have dotted history with their unexpected emergences that result in hefty health and economic burdens. The 1918 influenza A virus pandemic saw to death of nearly 50 million people, while the 2009 H1N1 pandemic virus was met with ardent mitigating strategies that led to only about 14,000 deaths (Medina, 2018, p. 61; Crosier, Mcvey & French, 2015, p. 61). Despite the mastering of the molecular basis relating to residues of the hemagglutinin glycoprotein

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