Gun Control

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Gun Control Name of Student Name of Institution Abstract Gun control is an ambiguous issue. Understanding the concept requires its proper definition and description. Moreover, gun control is widely understood as a set of laws that control manufacturing, transfer, sale, modification, and possession of firearms by civilians. The complexities realized in the definition of gun control calls for its descriptions. In many cases, people assume resemblance between gun control and firearm ban. Notably, firearm ban and gun control are different concepts. Gun control creates controversies in the world. However, studies show that its controversies arise from divergent views held by its opponents and proponents. The proponents of gun control advocate for its application based on its merits. Control of violence, illegal possession of arms and measure of social standards are cited as advantages of gun control. Contrarily, opponents see gun control negatively. Opponents of gun control equate it with lack of defensive instruments, inversion of privacy and ineffectiveness to control crime. Key Words: manufacturing, transfer, sale, modification, possession, firearms and civilians Gun Control Ideally, gun control is an ambiguous concept. Despite the complexity of gun control, scholars agree that it refers to a set of laws that control manufacturing, transfer, sale, modification, and possession of firearms by civilians (Blocher and Miller, 2016). Whereas misconceptions exist between gun control and firearm ban, studies reveal gun control as an application of legislation that approves gun ownership to the right persons. Besides, firearm control regulations ensure registration

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