Gulliver`s travels revised

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Student’s Name: Instructor: Course: Date: “Gulliver`s Travels” Gulliver`s travels book is a depiction of Lemuel Gulliver as he travels around the world. The story is made up of four main parts, each from a different place. The book is meant to be a connected narrative but tends to appear more as episodes for each scene. Gulliver as a traveler seems to have a lot of bad luck because he gets from one crisis to another. The story is introduced by two letters that attest to the truth of the stories, and Gulliver reveals the experiences after getting back home on the conclusion of his journey. In the movie, Lilliput has been in constant war with its neighboring island, Blefscue over where to break soft-boiled eggs. The particular clash is an imitation of the French-English and Catholic-Protestant wrangles that were present during Jonathan Swift`s time. The characters used are directly comparable to political figures of that time. Gulliver`s Grand Academy where men have devoted their lives to absurd experiments like drawing out sunlight from cucumbers and changing human waste back into its original constituents is Swift`s satirical outlook of the London Royal Society. The use of the name Gulliver suggests that the character is gullible. This is then backed by his naivety and easy influence from other people. He is a very inconsistent individual. He changes from a very vocal individual who voices his opinions to a proud and arrogant character who appears unlikable in some instances. The movie is a captivating one with every aspect of Gulliver`s experience bringing out great and refreshing scenes that make it stand out. His satirical way of telling his accounts

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