Green Computing – Seeing Green

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Green Computing Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Green computing is a term used to describe the eco-friendly behavior of using computers and its resources to minimize the consumption of energy and to preserve the environment. There are various ways to practice green technology. Computer manufacturers can do that by designing computers that consume low amounts of energy and also use biodegradable materials. It is also vital for them to recycle old computers to help preserve the environment. Green computing is not just a marketing term for large companies. Research indicates that it is possible to promote green computing. Consumers can promote it by purchasing energy efficient electronics and also ensure that they engage in practices that help in saving energy such as unplugging devices that are not in use. Consumers can also make a decision not to throw away their old television or computer, but instead, take them for recycling (Wang, 2008). These actions by consumers as well as manufacturers can play a great role in conserving energy as well as guaranteeing that the environment is safe for humans. The high energy consumption is associated with global warming since many electricity production activities are non-renewable and are polluting the environment (Weems, 2010).  Nowadays, the rate of energy consumption is high due to the presence of mobile phones, computers, television, radios and other electronics that use energy for them to function. It is important to save the amount of energy consumed by these gadgets to help the world reduce the amount of energy consumption. Further, there are many

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