Greek mythology

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date It is quite challenging to understand the allegory surrounding the mystery of young women, virgin girls who are yet to lose their virginity, to cut their locks of hair and dedicate it to the Hippolytus. This indicates deceptively transparent yet very intricate subversion of thought the Greek people possess in light of their beliefs. This is shown in how a very controversial character of Hippolytus, is converted into symbiosis belief or ritual by the virgin girls. To a great extent, the Greeks portray some complexity in their character. Therefore, critical scrutiny should be taken on how their rituals are rooted. Also, their intent in worship is paramount in understanding the mystery of the devotion of the young girls toward the lord of virgins. In this context, a close look is taken at the reasons behind such ritualistic devotion. It is possible that the focus of the ritual of initiation performed by the virgin girls is rooted from the ardent love Phaedra has for the Hippolytus. However, the ritual gives more significance to the Hippolytus through the fact that the locks of hair devoted by the virgin girls are meant for Him and not for Phaedra. The girls perform the ritual with the intuition that Phaedra is the cause of Hippolytus’s downfall and in this respect, they vindicate Phaedra for his death. She is made to be disconnected, “my hair all done up on top of my head is a heavy load to bear… let the curls of my hair cascade over my shoulders” (Euripides 201-202). To recompense for this ruin caused by Phaedra, which leads to his downfall, the virgin girls believe that offering him their locks of hairs

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