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THE EFFECT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON GREECE. By (Name) Class (Course) Instructor (Tutor) Institution The City and State The Date Abstract This paper is a review of the climate change that has been observed in Greece from the 20th century up to now and projected future changes. The article provides a detailed introduction to foster the understanding of the concept climate change and overall climatic conditions of Greece. Changes in temperature, precipitation, and natural patterns are some of the notable occurrences observed. The paper also addresses the impacts of the changes, how the adverse climatic conditions have affected the lives, economy, tourism, and agriculture of Greece at large. Additionally, changes in climatic conditions affect human and animal health and directly affect their lives by destroying local resources like water and energy. Recommended solutions to this global menace have also been analyzed in detail. It is, however, vital to understanding that the climatic changes can bring positive impacts, for example, rain can lead to thriving in the agricultural sector. Therefore, to some extent, the effect of climate change depends on the specific change in particular climatic condition. Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc507556415 h 4Body PAGEREF _Toc507556416 h 4Greece Climate PAGEREF _Toc507556417 h 4Changes Observed PAGEREF _Toc507556418 h 5Precipitation Reduction. PAGEREF _Toc507556419 h 5Sea level Elevation PAGEREF _Toc507556420 h 5Extreme rainfall PAGEREF _Toc507556421 h 6Temperatures PAGEREF _Toc507556422 h 6Hot Days and Humid Nights PAGEREF _Toc507556423 h 7Changes in the number of summer days PAGEREF

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