Great wall of China

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Name(s):Click here to enter text.Professor:Click here to enter text.Assignment:Informative speech outlineTitle of Presentation:Great Wall of ChinaDate:11/06/2016General Purpose:To informSpecific Purpose:To inform the public of the great tourist attractions along the Great Wall of ChinaThesis Statement:The Great Wall of China is a great tourist attraction siteI.Introduction A.Attention-getter: The great wall features among the greatest wonders of the world. B.Relevance Statement: At one time UNESCO listed the Great Wall of China as a World Heritage in 1987. C.Credibility Statement: The Great Wall stretches through 21,196 kilometers from the east to west of China; this makes the wall the longest in the world. The Great Wall has been in existence since 221 BC. D.Thesis statement: Originally built for protection purposes, the Great Wall serves as a tourist attraction site today. E.Preview Statement: During the peak season, the Great Wall is visited by 70,000 tourists per day. Transition: However the Great Wall has been in existence for more than 2000 years; only 30% has been destroyed by nature and humans. The Great Wall appeals to many people due to the architectural grandeur and historical significance. II.Body Yan, Zhao, and Qin built the Great Wall as a defensive fortification for the inhabitants of the states. At the very beginning, the three states had no intention of building a ‘Great Wall’; it is during the Qin Dynasty that the wall became the ‘Great Wall’ officially. It is Emperor Qin Shihuang that saw to it that the different walls of the three states were joined to protect the southern states from the invasion of the Huns. Transition:

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