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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: GREASY LAKE ANALYSISIn the short story ‘Greasy Lake’, the author T Boyles talks about three young boys who are eager to get the experience of being men. The boys think that they can jump from the teenage phase to adulthood and face the problems and decisions like men in just one day. They want to be bad boys and do all the bad things such as drugs, sexual activities, and other mischievous activities. Through these experiments, the teens realize that it is not what they thought; they just have to go through the stages and learn to make right decisions in life. On the third night of the summer vacation the 19-year-old teenagers, the narrator and his friends Jeff and Digby see themselves as bad boys who have nothing to worry about. This is ironic because Jeff does not even know what wants in life, Digby’s college fee is paid for by his parents, and the narrator is driving his mother’s car. After serious drinking in the city, it is time, and most of the joints are closing, the narrator and the friends head to Greasy Lake where men handle stunning situations. The narrator is the driver, he describes his mother’s car as an old station wagon, which according to him should not be a real man’s ride, this portrays symbolism in the story. Another symbolism is the lake; the Greasy Lake has its banks filled with beer cans, and it is the place you can watch a girl get naked. This symbolizes a dirty place where naughty people hang out. While the narrator is on the wheel, Digby is wildly pounding on the dashboard, Jeff is hanging his head outside the window to throw up some of the excess alcohol he drunk, and they are heading to

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