Governmetal Perspectives

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Governmental Perspectives Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Abstract The American governmental structure as it stands today has undergone a series of changes that can be traced back to the founding fathers. A series of amendments have been introduced to the US constitution. These Amendments have made it possible to change government structure or governmental perspectives from time to time. For the changes to be made, a robust discussion that involved different political, economic and legal stakeholders were carried out. Despite the differences in ideologies, these stakeholders will agree on what constituted the best structure or composition of government that yielded the best results for the US citizens. In an administrative state, the role of the government is to deliver services whereas, in twenty-first-century governance, the government coordinates service delivery. Policymaking in an administrative state is effected through government agencies whereas, in twenty-first-century governance, it is through mixed systems. Some of the greatest minds that shaped governance issues in the US include Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Woodrow Wilson and James Madison. This paper focuses on governmental perspectives of these great thinkers. Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton was considered by many people to be a Federalist. His efforts were majorly aimed at ensuring that the national government had more powers. This is in contrast to Thomas Jefferson who with his followers was largely viewed as Anti-Federalist. This is because he sought to have political power at a local level and more on an individual rather than an institution. Hamilton’s

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