Government Regualtion Of Business

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Student Name: Professor: Course Title: Date Due: Government Regulation of Business Introduction Across the globe, many businesses and corporations have advanced complains about the government regulation and its nature. From the initial times of its introduction, government regulations such as income tax and anti-trust laws have either improved or deteriorated businesses. On the other hand, government regulations have protected consumers from exploitations advanced by expeditious business owners. Thus, the question of government regulation remains a puzzle. Arguments Against The business community has long been a criticizer of the government regulation. Corporations have denounced the importance of government regulation citing that it’s only a waste of time. For instance, the tax levy has been a thorny topic for most corporations who argue that it undermines business profitability hence it's only a scheme for the government to source its funding. As such, many businesses default government laws; for example, in the 2007-2011 financial crisis, many corporations presented false financial statements to improve their money market position (Kitching et al., 143). Also, many firms have been at fault for illegal release of waste into the environment and poor social responsibility. The Federal Trade Commission has been at constant fault from the American business community who argue that it’s a foe to business by engaging in price-fixing and misleading advertisements (Kitching et al., 146). Also, the FDA has been at fault for intentional withdrawal of drugs from the market, although the drugs have initially proved to work well. Pro-Arguments The government

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