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Gout Institution Student Course Date Introduction Gout is a disease that results after crystals of monosodium urate (MSU) are found in soft tissues, joints, and bones. When gout gets into its advanced stage, it may result in tophaceous gout or acute arthritis. When urate concentration exceeds its solubility level in extracellular fluid, gout development becomes susceptible in that being. However, it is not easy to differentiate the clinical expression of chronic gouty arthropathy and self-limited attacks of acute gouty arthritis. There are chronic or acute inflammatory responses due to the presence of MSU crystal formation. A brief Pathophysiology of Gout MSU crystal deposition is a unique factor in gout. There is numerous pathophysiological checkpoints are needed to determine gout development. For instance, urate concentration is evaluated. Underexcretion and overproduction of urate contribute to the total urate balance. Alteration of degradation pathways and purine synthesis results in overproduction. Hyperuricaemia (elevated serum urate concentrations) is caused by the renal underexcretion (Teng, et al., 2006). Development of hyperuricemia is contributed by extrarenal urate underexcretion. The other checkpoint is the formation of MSU crystals. Structural joint damage occurs in some patients with advanced gout. Both indirect effects of joint inflammation and direct effects of MSU crystals on joint tissue are the key mediators of joint damage due to gout. Apart from their pathogenesis role, gout endangers immune surveillance. Cultural Influences such as Dietary or Lifestyle Predisposed for Gout High-level intake of liquor increases the risk for gout in

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