God’s Story Research Paper

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Signature Assignment Part 3: Final Paper Name Institution Introduction Many people believe Christianity is about having a personal relationship with God. They view this relationship as a basic need in their lives, which begs the question of how to reach and maintain the relationship established between human beings and the lord. The answer lies in worship. Nowadays, many people find reverence either true or false. Nonetheless, there is relevant evidence from the Bible on the basis of true or false worship. Based on the Golden Calf's story, God cannot be symbolized in any form that people imagine. Specifically, The Golden Calf is linked to the theory of redemption in the predominant narrative in the Bible. Resources The Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch. Philip Yancey: The Bible Jesus Read. Miriam’s well: Narratives around the Bible by Ilene Cooper (APU Library) Outline The Topic of the Golden Calf and its connection to the greater subjects of creation, fall, and absolution in the central narrative in the Bible. Understanding the initial meaning of the idea or importance of this person within Exodus or Deuteronomy. Why it is imperative to comprehend the history, philosophy or significance of this person in the book of Exodus or Deuteronomy. The insights gained from this story that could prove worthy in the context of today. The Golden Calf The Golden Calf was an idol that symbolized a god that Aaron had made for the Israelites to glorify. This occurred when Moses was still at Mount Sinai, where he had spent a significant number of days. When the Israelites observed that Moses was taking too long to come back, they came to Aron and told

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