Goal of Bone Replacement Grafts and Guided Tissue Regeneration

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Goal of Bone Replacement Grafts and Guided Tissue Regeneration Student’s Name: Institution: Abstract Periodontal disease is a worldwide medical problem. The disease leads to loss of periodontal supporting structures such as the alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, and cementum. Ultimately, this leads to loss of teeth. Periodontal therapy aims at stopping continuous loss of connective tissue attachments. The goal of periodontal therapy is the regeneration of periodontal supporting structures to previous form and function. According to the Glossary of Periodontal terms, guided tissue regeneration refers to procedures that try to regenerate damaged periodontal structures through the response of differential tissues. On the other hand, bone replacement grafts procedures aid in periodontal regeneration and bone formation. This paper focuses on the goals of the two periodontal therapy procedures; bone replacement grafts and guided tissue regeneration. It also gives brief explanations how these goals are achieved; that is the various mechanisms. Finally, the paper looks at how and when the two procedures are used together. Goal of Bone Replacement Grafts and Guided Tissue Regeneration Goal of Bone Replacement Grafts Bone replacement grafts procedures aim to achieve various goals. In periodontal therapy, the procedure is used to fill defects or cavities resulting from periodontitis. Bone replacement grafts aid in periodontal regeneration and bone formation. Other techniques such open flap debridement only offer part restoration of periodontal tissues through repair and halting progress of periodontitis (Jangid et al., 2016). Bone replacement grafts procedures take

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