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Global Health Name: Institution: Promoting globalization through trading of goods and services with other countries and transfer of technology from developed to developing countries has led to the spread of diseases and pollution which have become a priority in global health. Aging is also another priority issue because it tends to exacerbate the occurrence of disease the prevalence of communicable diseases increases with age (World Health Organization (WHO), 2018). However, cooperation by people all over the world is presumed to help improve global health, and this requires the understanding of other people's culture. Global health issues require global solutions; therefore, using the funding to establish and help maintain global health agencies will help to promote healthy living. The target population includes the aged because they are a population with the largest share of morbidity. My proposal delineates the global health issues that are facing society and uses statistics to back up this claim. It helps to understand how these global issues have emerged; hence, seek to use the same strategy to provide a solution. The proposal has described the trend of these global issues, highlighting how they have evolved over the years and how the transition of phenomena from developed to developing countries has taken effect. Also, it categorically spells out the priorities that will be given consideration with the $100 million funding. Despite the fact that the old generation is mostly affected by a high prevalence of communicable diseases, targeting the old generation and leaving out the younger and more productive generation that is mainly involved in economic

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