Global Environmental Issues

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Name Instructor Course Date Global Environmental Issues Q1: Sixth Mass Extinctions is a Human Caused Event For several decades now, scientists have been cautioning that humans are pushing life on Earth towards sixth mass extermination. Previously, there have been five mass annihilation events that caused sudden deaths of a wide diversity of species on this planet. The impending sixth mass extinction has often been associated with a myriad of human activities ranging from pollution to overpopulation. Human activities such as poaching, deforestation, extreme weather events, and warming oceans, humans are also to blame for the new age of permanent species loss (Kolbert 3). Contrary to past extinctions that are usually linked to natural causes, the current rate and scope of extermination are normal. Q2: How and Why Ocean Acidification is related to Global Warming Ocean acidification and global warming have a parallel relationship as they result from the unprecedented burning of fossil fuels. As humans continue to over-rely on fossil fuels, the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere keeps rising. The situation has facilitated climate change besides increasing both air and sea temperatures. The level of acidity in oceans is continually increasing due to growing concentration of carbon in the atmosphere. The continued acidification of the ocean threatens not only the marine ecosystem but also human food systems and livelihood activities such as fishing and tourism (Kolbert 5). Also, acidification poses a significant danger to the reef ecosystem as it slows the development of coral skeletons, making reefs more fragile and less resilient to stressors. Q3:

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