Global Communication

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Global Communication Student Name Institution Course Date The act of availing and accessing information across a wide range of cultures through communication ways such as reading, speaking, listening and writing is what is referred to as global communication. It is so significant in a business environment especially when language and other things like cultural barricades play a key role in affecting the state of business efficiency. In other words, global communication stands merely for connection, sharing, relation and mobility across a variety of aspects of life including political, social and economic divides. Forms of Global Communication Global communication is categorized into internal and external communication. Internal communication usually takes place within a business involving the CEOs and the employees. It, therefore, depends on the information that is relayed within an organization from employers, employees and even the support staff (Danes, 2009). On the hand, external communication lays focus on the information which is conveyed outside a business organization. In most cases, this is an international affair; communication between two teams from different geographic locations. Global communication might have played a different role in the 20th century from what it is meant for in the current world. The reason why it was not so important by then was that there was little or less recognition of communication and international relations, especially after the cold war. However, advances in technology put many people on the know and soon it was endorsed. Currently, in the advent of globalization, global communication has gained a lot of

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