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Glass Ceiling The glass ceiling is an invisible and unbreakable barriers that bar women from getting to the top levels of the corporate ladder, regardless of academic qualifications or achievements. -The Federal Glass Ceiling Commission (FGCC) Abstract The paper will discuss the glass ceiling problem in the corporates around the country and around the globe. It will look at how the problem affects women when they attempt to rise to higher ranks as their male counterparts. It will also describe how other minority groups of people are affected other women in the same measure. In a nutshell, the paper will discuss glass ceiling as a corporate problem and mention the people that are most affected. It will propose possible solutions to the problem and the challenges that people face while solving the problem. It will also discuss the views of other people preferably experts concerning the issue at hand. The paper will discuss to details the cases of the invisible but real glass ceiling that bass the women from being at the same level with male counterparts. Societal barriers, government barriers, and internal business barriers are some of the causes that the paper will pay close attention to. In the same measure, the paper describes the destruction caused by that prejudice against women together with the glass ceiling. It will conclude by stating whether women have chosen to break the glass or go around and state the reason for the decision. Introduction Women have had the problem in proving themselves as equal to the male counterparts in all walks of life for an extended period, and the situations seem far from changing even as more efforts are geared towards the direction.

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