Gilt by Association Higher Education’s “Golden Age” 1945 to 1970

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Based on the reading, what is your perception on Coeducation and student life- Rules and Regulation for women in Higher Education? After The Second World War, there were alterations in the American curriculum apropos of their policies and directives. Previously, higher learning was mostly offered to male students in an attempt to reduce the number of females in colleges and universities. There was also segregation apropos of the fields that could be studied by either men or women (Thelin, 2011). These bigoted policies continued to spread male chauvinism while disregarding female students in different campuses. My perception regarding is affirmative as I disagree highly with the chapter reading. Despite preference of males over the years, I expected educated folk to minimize the prevalence of female discrimination as a result of exposure to knowledge. It is illogical to embrace these policies of prejudice even in an institution that is required to assist people in preventing uncivilized and backward thinking. I believe that women should be allowed enroll in subjects, studies, and fields in which they deem fit. It is important to embrace coeducation so as to lead to the culture of invention and innovation due to a dissemination of varied ideas. There may be hindered progress in society when only male individuals are given the opportunity to acquire higher education. Briefly describe "The Case of California, 1947-1970." Despite the blatant misunderstanding of the 1950s-government campaign in California, the state accrued positive results eventually. An increment in California’s state of living attracted veterans from different parts of the world. They applied to numerous

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