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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Gentrification Urbanization policies and designs have undergone changes over the years some of which have been able to remedy the social problems in urban centers. On the other hand, some have been to the detriment of the low-income earners suffering from unemployment and instability when it comes to income capabilities. After the end of the Second World War, the1950s witnessed a period of disinvestment, and this affected most cities that experienced massive migration of the white middle –class families to suburbs. The deindustrialization of the 1970s heightened the situation leading to the emergence of run-down towns and waterfronts. Following this, the need to reinvest and regenerate the old neighborhood arose, and the process came to given the term gentrification. In America, the white flight had taken root, and it involved the resettlement of the White majority from inner cities to the suburbia. Unlike in America where the racial ethnicity was a determining factor, London was experiencing another wave of segregation where people were running away from the working class. The outcome of this was that the urban centers were underdeveloped lacking proper infrastructure and amenities and hence unattractive to the affluent. Ruth Glass coined the term gentrification to imply the phenomenon that was gradually gaining popularity in Central London where the connection between housing and class inequalities became evident. For gentry to occur, the region had to have experienced prior disinvestment that created an opportunity for investing from both the private sector and the government. Therefore,

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