Genetically Modified organizm (GMO’s)

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GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS Name Institution Abstract The impact of GMO’s on global food security is a debate that has been raging globally for a while. However, the opponents of this technology have succeeded in creating legislation that bans commercialization of genetically altered crops in many countries. Because of this, they risk adding more people to the 1.3 billion people who face chronic food shortages due to reliance on traditional methods of food production. Furthermore, by ignoring scientific data that is readily available, opponents of this promising technology risk exposing humanity to the dangers that are ahead if this technology is not widely adapted. This research paper seeks to establish the origin of genetic engineering, its benefit, potential problems among other important factors. By vigorously researching and compiling data on the impact of GMOs, this research paper has sought to identify how GECs (Genetically Engineered Crops) impact the environment and the people who use them. Also, the research will focus on two examples of genetic engineering of two popular plants, the Hibiscus Sabdariffa and the Sorrel and identify how they will help combat diseases that have plagued them or other plants they will be engineered into. This study is critical in the sense that it allows the public to acknowledge the possibilities and limitations of this technology properly. Introduction Since its inception, genetic modification of plants has been an intriguing as it is controversial. However, the scientific breakthrough has been well received globally due to a number of reasons, paramount being, concern for the consumer’s health. On the other hand,

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