Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically Modified Foods Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation Genetically Modified Foods Title: These Citizen-Regulators in Arkansas Defied Monsanto. Now they’re Under Attack Author: Dan Charles Source: Date: February 14, 2018 Summary In the recent years, scientists and agricultural institutions have been canvassing on the incorporation of genetically modified foods in the market. Although America and Brazil are some of the leading countries producing such foods, the commodities are mostly for domestic purposes since most states have placed legislations against their consumption. The stereotypic notion of health hazard attributed to GMOs has hindered their acceptance abroad especially in the European Union. In America, companies such as Monsanto are on the forefront battling for the production and growth of such foods in various locations. Monsanto, an agrichemical firm, researches the new breed of seedlings such as soybeans that are resistant to herbicides and harsh climatic conditions. The article focuses on the incident in Texas where farmers banned the sale and spraying of the Dicamba herbicide in the state of Aransas. The Monsanto Company had earlier p[provided the farmers with a Xtend soybean variety that was said to be tolerant to the chemicals. This meant that once sprayed, the Dicamba only affected the weeds and left the genetically modified seeds untouched to grow to maturity (Charles, 2018). However, the hot weather led to the evaporation of the herbicide that spread to adjacent vegetation leading to

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