genders role in Victorian era

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Name: Professor: Class: Course: Gender Roles in the Victorian Era Introduction The Victorian era symbolizes a time when the lines between the genders were distinct, as every person knew their role and expectations. The society was patriarchal, the man who was the provider, the protector, and moral authority leader of the family. The woman, however, was a nurturer, caregiver, and the supporter of her husband’s actions. The society expected that all genders would abide by the set standards and codes of conduct, and shunned anyone that disobeyed these statues. People viewed women as the fairer and weaker sex; where the wife’s or mother’s place in the hierarchy was secondary to that of the husband and father. Genetics was adhered to strictly, such that Victoria became the leader of the United Kingdom in the 19th century. Although, throughout this era, the gender roles were distinct, from the book ‘Lady Audley’s Secret’ we see a mockery of the traditional system where the women are calm, pure, incapable of violence, but Braddon shows us the real character is not in appearances and set norms but in their actions. These women are strong, bright, vile, manipulative, treacherous, and capable of violence. Gender Roles In book ‘Lady Audrey’s Secret,’ the author purposely breaks away from the expectations of the society on feminism. The Victorian era showcases a period where the options and opportunities for women were highly restricted, while a lot of emphases were on their character, appearance, and behavior. But the book portrays the women as resolute, brilliant, and manipulative of people and situations to advance their lot. For instance, Hellen

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