Gender Roles in American Society

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Gender Roles in American SocietyStudent Name Institute Abstract The issue of gender roles and expectations has long been a contentious factor within different sectors of the society. These comprise such areas as job attainment, learning prowess, labor wages and working conditions, pension and annuity. Gender roles have led to the existence of prejudice against men or women depending on the context which in turn leads to the occurrence of individual as well as institutional discrimination. In this regard, it is essential to critique the major sectors which are affected by gender, to ascertain why the same is happening and to determine any solutions that can be brought forward to remedy the issue of gender discrimination stemming from gender roles. To this end, it is also paramount to ascertain the actions that have already been taken towards the solving of the matter by individuals and institutions alike. All this is essential for the attainment of a gender bias-free world. Gender Roles in American SocietyIntroduction Traditional gender roles have defined the society. In this regard, they are usually based on the fundamental idea that men and women have specific obligations which should be upheld and should not be ignored. To this end, the gender roles are predominately based on such notions as men are supposed to be masculine, and to be providers, while those of women are that they are meant to be caregivers and feminine (Young 2007). This being said any gender that attempts to undertake an activity that may be viewed as being in contrast to these notions, results to the discrimination against the concerned party. It is important also, to note that the world

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