Gender Inequality Revised

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Student Professor Course Date Gender Inequality In the modern world, the issue of gender inequality has been doing rounds in the minds of many intellectuals and activist groups wanting to close the gap which still exists globally. There has been substantial national as well as international measures championing to tackle the issue of gender inequality especially in Third World nations such as Ethiopia. It is evidenced that close to over 135 countries in the world have managed to achieve gender equality. Among the states in the lists include Cuba, Norway, and Costa Rica. Thesis Statement Girls and women in rural Ethiopia suffer from many disadvantages as compared to men and boys. Gender inequality is an issue which makes women disadvantaged by low status such that they are denied the opportunity by the Ethiopian rural society to access social support networks. As such, gender inequality as manifested by the rampant discriminations against girls and women are acute. Primarily, the measures of gender inequality globally constitute the access to health along with life expectancy, primary education, other sociological factors, and political empowerment (Woldemicael 603). There is the increasing need to educate the society on how to handle gender inequality issues in rural Ethiopia to empower women to compete for rewarding national and international opportunities. Based on this literature, it is essential to make the problems of gender inequality a global disaster in each country in the world (Kamrany, Nake, and Robinson 1). As such, there is the imminent need to make gender equality a global priority since this would only make up the most fundamental step in

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