Gender Equality

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Gender Equality Since ancient times gender equality has been a nightmare. Men and women should be given equal right to decent work, education, and healthcare since there is no gender that is better than the other. Though we have to acknowledge the variances in sexes, that men are muscular than women, this should not form the basis to treat men and women differently. The idea that women work is only to nurture children should be fought by all means possible. Given knowledge, skills and exposure women can perform better at work. Efforts in fighting for gender equality have paved the way for women in the workforce, economic decision making, and politics. Despite the progress made in fighting for gender equality today, women still face gender-based violence and discernment in many parts of the world. In the play “Medea,” when Medea meets with Jason, she promises to assist him. Jason promises Medea that if she assists him and succeeds, they would marry. Medea works so hard until Jason succeed. Medea marries Jason However, Jason later decides to marry Glauce. Jason’s decision hurts Medea. To Medea, this is an indication that Jason values himself. This is evident when Medea tells Jason that every time she opens up a road for him, she closes one for herself (Euripides and Morwood 37). With all the sacrifices that Medea makes for Jason, he decides to abandon her. Jason thinks that he is more important than Medea and that’s why he mistreats her. In “A Doll’s House” when Torvald falls sick, Nora needs money to help him. Though Nora is not employed, she decides to borrow money from a bank where Torvald works. She approaches Krogstad who is a junior employee in the bank

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