Furioso Horse breed

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The Furioso Horse Breed Author’s name Institutional Affiliation Furioso Horse breed Introduction Horses are domesticated hoofed mammals. They share most characteristics like long tails, masculine torsos, short body hair, elongated heads and long thick necks. Because of their domestication, horses are found worldwide and are known to have existed for over 50 million years. They are known to have originated from North America and then spread to Europe, and Asia. The original horses found in North America have been extinct for the past 10, 000 years and have since been reintroduced to those areas by the European colonialists. The domestication of horses began in Asia mainly for meat and milk before being utilized for animal transportation. Worldwide, there are over 400 varying horse breeds with different characteristics. The largest horse breeds have a height of up to 69 inches when measured up to the shoulder from the hooves and can weigh up to 998 kgs. On the other hand, small horse breeds can be as tiny as 30 inches in height and have a weight of 54 kg only. The paper presents an analysis of the bloodline, characteristics, and the uses of the Furioso horse breed, one of the unique and most popular breed of horses. History The Furioso horse breed was first bred in 1784 at the Mezohegyes animal farm in Hungary. A horse named ‘Furioso’ originating from England among the Thoroughbred stallions was one of the original parents of Furioso breed of horses. Furioso was given birth to in 1836 and was ready for stud in 1841. Another original parent of Furioso horse breed is the “North Star” who was given birth to in 1844 and was ready for stud by 1850, aged

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